Handy man services

As a property or facility owner, you want everything to work right. A light switch that doesn’t turn on, toilet that doesn’t flush, or a door that doesn’t lock not only can impede work, but can pose a liability risk in the wrong circumstances. Make sure you have a handy man or repair service that has the technical know-how and training to fix whatever can go wrong, the first time. Our handy man service employees have the experience to figure out the fastest, most cost-effective repair solution for anything that can go wrong, while using the greenest industry best practices today. We only use the most effective, yet environmentally-safe practices in performing our repair services as well, so you can be sure that our work is also treating our Earth responsibly. Our service people are quick to respond, fast to provide you with a solution, all while providing the courteous service we’re known for.

Let Green AdEm Solutions fix your leaky faucets, uneven stair, or anything else you need!